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5 Tips for Beginners on how to Play Slots

Tip 1 : Understanding the basics

Classic reels slots are the most basic slots machines that you can play online. They generally consist of 3, 5 and 7 reels. In general the higher the reels, the harder it will be to get a good winning combination but at the same time, if you bet high at that time, the payouts will be higher. Higher the bet, Higher the payout, lower the bet, lower the payouts. If you want to play for the Jackpot you have to set your bet to max in order to qualify for the Jackpot Payout. 

 Tip 2 : Playing for the Progressive Jackpots

Like we said earlier regarding the Jackpot, you have to bet at max to qualify for Jackpot. Progressive Jackpots however work slightly different and sometimes going for Progressive jackpot is more beneficial.  Progressive Jackpot are jackpots that continuously grow.


The Jackpot will start at a certain amount when you start to play, every time you put a coin in the machine or in this case online casino it's every time you hit the spin a certain percentage will be added to the jackpot. Therefore the more spins, the bigger the Jackpot. Always look for the winning combination to hit the Jackpot. It will tell you under the “ payable section”.

 Tip 3 : Credits and Bets

Credits/Coins: In order to play online casino you will need credits. In order to do so you will need to make a deposit into the relevant casino which will be automatically converted to credits/coins. Tip to know is that most Online Casinos always offer a welcome package or are busy giving away good packages as their Promotions. Make sure you grab these specials for those extra credits. Those extra free credits might just take you a step further to the winning Jackpot.

Tip 4 : Spins and Auto Spins

Spin: in order to start gambling away, you have to hit the spin button which enables the reels to start spinning for winning combinations. Every time you hit spin it will take certain amount of coins depending what your bet is on. The only time that the “spin” won't take any credits is when you get rewarded with free scatters also knows as free spins. 
Auto Spins: Auto spin is a function that allows you to set a certain number of spins to run through, while you just sit back and enjoy the game, Auto spin will deactivate automatically once you get a bonus game or free spins. Should you wish to change your betting amount during your Auto Spins, you will have to stop the auto spins function and place your new required bet and then put it back on auto spins while you sit back and enjoy your winning combinations been played out before you. 

Tip 5 : Free Scatters/Spins and Bonuses

Free Scatters/Spins: Free spins are reels that will be given to you for free for certain amount of rounds once you hit the free spins. The amount of money you make during the free spins will be added to your credits once the free spins rounds has been successfully completed. So if you busy playing a certain game and the game has rewarded you with 15 free spins, that basically means that you will be given the chance to spin 15 times for free while making money. Most online casino enjoy giving free spins away if you a new customer signing up and you make your 1st deposit, or if they running a promotion they will usually tend to give away certain amount of free spins. 


Bonuses: Bonuses are free games that are rewarded during your game play. Bonuses are most popular on your video game slots.

Bonuses can vary from game to game but most bonuses requires the customer to interact during the process like finding hidden treasures, revealing the hidden spots or interacting in mini game requirements like guessing the correct wild card if it will be higher or lower. Bonuses also use none of the credits and are added up to your total credits at the end of the game. Just to keep in mind that Bonuses are also time delayed , so if you don’t play the bonuses, you will have the risk of losing out on free credits, so best to play the bonus rounds. 

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