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Red Riding Hood Online Pokies

Red Riding Hood Online Pokies
Red Riding Hood Online Pokies
Red Riding Hood Online Pokies

About Red Riding Hood

Join the Little Red Riding Hood on her big journey through the forest, to visit her grandma. Red Riding Hood is an online pokies video slot game, developed by Netent Games, and is played on 5 reels and 20 paylines.  During the game, Red acts as the high paying wild symbol.


To trigger the free spins, you need to find 3 treasure chests, deep in the forest. The mini bonus game is “beware wolf”, where you need to assist Red from falling into the big bad wolf’s traps. However, Red has a few friends to help her, along your journey. The fairies are magical and full of surprises. The fairies come with random features, anytime during the game play. They bring along 3 different joys - the fairy magic spin, the fairy surprise and the whacking fairy wild spin. So, get out the red hood, go visit grandma in her cottage with the help of the fairies and watch out for those big bad wolf claws, while spinning for a magical win!

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