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Beginners Guide on Signing up for Online Casino

*Signing up for the right online casino can be a bit tough as there are so many online casinos today that you can choose from. We will be covering the main topics on what will be involved during this process.

Choosing the right Online Casino to Suit your needs and background Check


When you start looking for Online casino make sure you do a background check. Make sure that the site is secure ( there is an article on the blog for safety on the internet). Make Sure that the links work and are not broken and that the games have a “Test or play for free casino games option“ Option to try out the game before playing for real money. At the bottom of the page of the Online Casino they should normally have the game developers for the online slots and there terms and conditions and various links as well as the 24/7 contact help - Should you need help with anything you need help right?? If there is no help section how can the site be legit??


Go do some investigation first and visit various casino sites and have a brief look at what they have to offer and how it benefit you. You can check out our list of top online casinos that we feel offer the best pokies online experience.

See what types of transfer or deposit methods they use for their deposits. Every Online Casino is different. Some use credit and debit cards and E-Wallet like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and Click2PAY And of course the most common bank wire transfer/ EFT( electronic Funds transfer). Some Online Casino might offer all these options, while some online casino might only offer Credit cards and E-Wallet.


Check the online casino what currency they play with. Every Casino is different and it depends on which Country the online Casino is based where you want to Play. Check if they play in Zar, Dollars,Pound or Euros. Exchanging your money to the correct currency for the specific online casino that  want you to play with is something to keep in mind as some Banks might charge certain fees for the exchange of currencies on your account.


Bonuses - Yes Please!!! Check those Bonuses that each online casino has to offer. Keep in mind that there are different types of bonuses like no deposit bonuses, Match for match bonuses, Time Bonuses and free Spins. See which Bonuses will suit your needs and don't miss out on Promotions as well. As a welcome Guest to a new online casino they normally tend to give a welcome bonus.

Pokies Here We Come- The Signing up and Deposit Process


Now you have done your background checks, checked the payment methods and bonuses and have made up your mind you want to go with a certain online Casino. The Next step forward is the online paper work ( Thank goodness its not pen and paper paperwork - so much fuss). You will be required to Sign up for the relevant Casino that you want. The Sign up form will ask details such as your name and surname, Cell Phone number, Country, Address, your username and password for the site and your email address ( they will send a verification link to this email so make sure its a legit email address) . You will need to click on the link they sent you to verify your email and to make sure you not a robot. Those days must just come yet whereby robots will do all the work!! They will ask you for a security question such as “what's your street name you grew up in” or “what's your maiden name”. This is incase you forget your password to log in and don't worry if you do forget your password. It happens to the best of us from time to time.


After you have filled in all your information there will be an option to subscribe for the online casino newsletter and where you get all the latest news, blogs and special promotions that the online casino will be running.


Now it's time to make the Deposit and get spinning for those Pokies. When you make your deposit clearly check and make sure that the online casino that you want to use does offer the  payment method you require or wish to make use of. Also remember to use your Promotion Code if you got one when you signed up. Once you have made a deposit you can login and check your status with the online casino. Depending on the method of payment your deposit should clearly straight away if it's with credit card and debit card and if you did bank wire a few days ago.


After that it is time to hit the reels, win those free spins and bonuses and win those Pokies!! Happy Gaming and always remember winners know when to stop!.

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